Deborah embraces the wisdom in holistically caring for oneself in order to positively care for others.  In fact, she believes that most people can see through the hypocrisy of those that spout virtues, yet don't live by them.  Deborah has learned that the better she advocates for her own health and well-being, the more  authentically she can positively advocate for the health and well-being of her clients.  This includes caring for her body, mind, and spirit.

Our body is best served in understanding the importance of NUTRITION, PHYSICAL EXERCISE and SLEEP. We have a better chance of healing our body and maintaining physical health when we care wisely for how we eat, exercise and sleep. Combining research with her desire to listen to the wisdom of her own body, Deborah nourishes her body with as many nutrients as possible, while cutting back, if not eliminating, as many toxins as possible. Deborah has been practicing Yoga for 16 years, taking a 90 minute advanced level class 4 days a week. She has a blast in a weekly Jazz Funk Dance class that she also has been taking/co-teaching for the last 16 years. Deborah loves hiking in nature; playing tennis; skiing; kayaking and in the last 6 years has re-ignited her love for recreational biking. Movement and exercise help Deborah live with  vitality and energy!

In her 50s, Deborah re-ignited her love for dance performance, but with life experience on her side, could perform with more joy, and a lot less self-doubt than when she was dancing in her 20s. She was a member of the Moving Mantras Dance Company for 5 years that combined modern dance and yoga, performing in yoga studios, ashrams, and community centers.
Deborah experimented with ancient forms of body-mind practices, like Thai Chi and Qi Gong before yoga won her heart. In addition, the simple, yet profound daily practice of meditation resonates consistently for Deborah, grounding and centering her in loving-kindness, compassion, and deep inner peace.

Deborah was trained in various eastern and western modalities of massage: Shiatsu, Polarity, Cranial-Sacral, Reflexology, and Swedish massage, allowing her to incorporate Integrative Bodywork into her practice as a psycho-spiritual therapist.

Deborah has participated in monthly, on-going groups, (2 for nearly 20 years) that stretch her mind and nurture her soul:

A women's spirituality group, focused on the Divine Feminine: Sophia
An Intuition group, focused on integrating intuition into the therapeutic process
A women's group, that explores spirituality and social justice