Joel Cross' beautiful theme song is now available for download as a high quality mp3. This song has just been remixed and edited to 4 minutes long.  I simply ask you to make a donation of any amount to M.A.D.E. Transitions.
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To learn more about M.A.D.E. Transitions
and their incredible work,
please listen to my podcast episodes #2 & #23
to hear founders Toney Earle, Jr. and Tarik Greene.


The word enLIGHTen is defined as: 'to shed light upon'; 'to give intellectual or spiritual light to'; 'impart knowledge;' 'illuminate'. I think of enLIGHTen as that which holds light or is filled with light.


Think of the multiple associations with the the word LIGHT. We use LIGHT visually, as in sunlight, a lamp lights up a room, or a flashlight that guides us through darkness, how light tangibly helps us see more clearly. We also use LIGHT physically, as in 'lightening my load'; mentally, as in 'my mind is light, which allows me to see things as they truly are'; emotionally, as in 'I feel refreshed and rejuvenated by my light heart'; and metaphorically, as in 'she radiates light and embodies light'.  


ENLIGHTENMENT also refers to a spiritual path towards LIGHT; physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual light. An enlightened path is one of consciousness, wisdom, compassion, forgiveness, and deep peace. The spiritual path of enlightenment aligns body, mind and spirit, connecting us to an inner truth that reverberates to the core of our being. That truth is grounded in what is for our greatest good as well as the greatest good for others. Namaste translates as the LIGHT within me honors and celebrates the LIGHT within you.

Introduction of the enLIGHTen Podcast:
At a recent wedding I officiated, a young man named Spencer approached me on the dance floor during the reception and boldly said, “Deborah, you need to host a podcast! I would listen to whatever you wanted to share!” I was really moved and flattered by his statement of conviction. Even though hosting a podcast had not been a conscious thought in my mind, his words actually went right to my heart, reverberating to my core! Spencer told me that he and a friend sat next to each other during the ceremony (each of their wives were bridesmaids in the wedding party) and appreciated my sermon. They said they loved my stories of wisdom and light and if I had a podcast they would download it and listen when they needed to be uplifted and inspired. So thank you Spencer, for igniting my desire to share stories of wisdom and light! You opened a door within me that cares deeply about helping everyday people live from the LIGHT within them, to encourage them to radiate that LIGHT into the world and live into the fullness of their potential. Click here to listen to my podcast.

photos by Deborah Adamy - Exuma sunrise